Wholesome Gourmet Tomato Sauce for your Favorite Dishes!

*(Sprigati contains cheese)

Use As...

Spaghetti Sauce

Pizza Sauce

Pasta Sauce


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Sprigati is a specialty sauce handcrafted in small batches and is a family favorite for mostaccioli, pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, stuffed shells, dipping sauce, marinara, and much more! What's the best part? Our customers have joked, "You can actually pronounce all the ingredients!"
What makes our sauce so different?

  • The Sprigati Flavor

    Unique flavor that is rich, thick, fresh and balanced!

  • No Fillers, Extenders, or Artificial Ingredients and contains less salt than most sauces!

    Keep looking, not found in our sauce!

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  • Gluten Free?

    Sprigati is now gluten free certified and vegetarian approved!

Our Adventure

About 10 years ago, Ryan was inspired by a friend to create his very own sauce. He spent almost a year experimenting with various ingredients until he reached the perfect balance! Initially, the sauce was made for pizza but later we discovered it’s delicious in many different dishes! Early on, we contemplated getting into the restaurant business but quickly learned that was not the direction we wanted to pursue. On May 15, 2015 we departed for Las Vegas to attend the ICSC (International Council Shopping Centers) Conference never dreaming what would happen next! We had the opportunity to mix and mingle with some amazing entrepreneurs who gave us advice, shared their stories (failures/successes) and ignited our passion to launch this business even more! Shortly after our return, and for the past 6 weeks, we decided to mass produce our sauce! We’ve spent our evenings and weekends researching how to file an LLC, came up with the name for the sauce, trademarked it, retained a manufacturing plant to produce it, created the label, ensured it was FDA approved, filed the BT1, EIN, and obtained commercial insurance all in 24 days! I still can’t believe how we accomplished all that in such a short timeframe!

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Curious to hear what customers have to say about Sprigati? See below and check out the Sprigati dish photos our fans have shared with us!

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